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For nearly 40 years I've been working on personal injury and workers' compensation law, using my experience to help clients seek justice.

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I believe that honesty is crucial to all aspects of success. When you work with me, you can expect complete transparency.

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Recovering from a serious injury can be costly. That's why I provide initial case evaluations to all of my clients, free of charge.

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William G. Jenkins

Attorney at Law

Upon graduation from the University of South Carolina School of Law and sitting for the Bar Exam in 1981, I was given the opportunity to move to Hilton Head Island to start my law practice and I’ve been here continuously since that time. Early on I found out that my first love was the drama of the courtroom, and I’ve been working since that time honing those skills on behalf of those I am lucky enough to represent.

Being an effective trial lawyer is all about human interaction, that is, interaction with juries, judges, people you represent and even adversaries. I have placed a premium on this during my 40 years of practice and have tried to instill this in all those who work alongside me. You’ll see and feel this warmth when you first make contact with us.


Don't Face Your
Injuries On Your Own

Anyone who has been injured in an accident knows how challenging the road to recovery can be. From getting treatment and physical therapy to pain management and paying medical bills, the entire process can quickly become overwhelming. And if your injuries have forced you to miss work, you could find it hard to provide for yourself and your family. To make matters worse, insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to cover as little as possible. Their goal is for you to settle quickly so they can move on.

The good news is, you don't have to face this uphill battle on your own. For nearly four decades I've been working with clients in Hilton Head Island and across the Beaufort and Jasper County to help them fight back against insurance companies and get fair compensation. This compensation can help you pay off your medical bills and even cover lost wages. When you work with me, you can rest assured that I'll do everything I can to help protect your rights and get the justice you deserve.

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If there's one thing I've learned in my many years of practicing law, it's that timing is everything. When you're facing a legal issue, the quicker you put an experienced attorney on your side, the better the chance you have at achieving a successful outcome. Whether you've been injured in an accident and are seeking an injury claim, or you've been charged with a crime and are in need of experienced representation, I'm proud to offer my knowledge and skills to help you get the justice you're looking for.

Through an honest approach and a strong desire to provide reliable legal support to those in need, I'm pleased to serve the residents of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on matters of personal injury, workers' compensation, criminal defense, and immigration. I'll take the time to investigate your case, explain your options, and outline a legal strategy that can give you the best possible chance at a positive outcome. So if you're facing a difficult legal issue and are unsure of where to turn, don't wait. Call my office today.